Music critics are often scared or unwilling to let music evolve.

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Rolling Stone critic David Fricke got it wrong to such a degree when he reviewed Kid A by Radiohead in October of 2000 that re-reading it in 2021 is just as embarrassing for me as it was when I first read it upon the album’s release. Kid A broke major ground in the “rock and roll” genre by incorporating the use of modular synthesizers to explore electronic and ambient fusion, something that David Fricke and many of his contemporaries just didn’t get. …

Homophobia is at the forefront of current rap related discourse.

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Anti-LGBTQ+ sentiments have seemingly always been present to some extent in hip-hop music and culture. However, there has always been some degree of backlash for that type of behavior. For example, throughout the 1990s Eminem received a lot of public criticism for homophobic lyrics. Critics were outraged at the artist and probably for good reason.

Oddly, in that particular instance, the openly gay superstar Elton John came to Eminem’s rescue. John did this in part by walking a notoriously thin, red, philosophical line — attempting to differentiate between an artist and their artwork. In an interview with the Huff Post…

Andrew’s behavior and Chris’s journalism are exposing these men for what they are.

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There is cancel culture and there is cancel worthy. Governor Andrew Cuomo is of the latter. Of course, the accusations against him have not been tested in a court of law, and one can, therefore, make the “innocent until proven guilty” argument. But there is a difference in being able to make an argument and the ability to make a sound one, and that argument only truly applies in relation to a legal principle — one that makes clear that the burden of proof is on the prosecution. But the governor is not on trial yet. …

The CDC has fallen short, and the media has taken it too far.

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— Before you read this, please get vaccinated.

Thursday, on his increasingly outlandish show, “Prime Time,” drama king Chris Cuomo adamantly hammered home the misleading point that the CDC holds no responsibility for the public’s confusion about vaccinations and their efficacy as they relate to Covid and the Delta Variant. “(The CDC has always said that there would be a surge in cases if people refused to get vaccinated),” he argued. “(Therefore, saying that masking is confusing is a cop out. You knew that you would have to wear masks again if people refused to get vaccinated),” he concluded.


There has never been a more lucrative time for motivated servers.

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Restaurant servers make money based on a few factors, all of which have little to do with how the restaurant is performing as a whole — unless, of course there is no traffic, in which case the establishment and its employees would fail regardless. Otherwise, a server’s money is dependent on tips (of course!) and, for the most part, tips are dependent on sales and good service. This essay will assume good service given there is no way to factor such a varying element.

The things that affect tips are:

(1) Number of tables

The more tables that a server…

Writing for something gave me a shot at everything.

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What does one do with a degree in the arts? That was a question I asked myself after dropping out of law school in 2010. Law school was a goal for me since 2004, the time I realized that a BA in philosophy was worthless for making money but useful for passing the LSAT. Because there is not a major requirement for law school, outside of having one, many in the arts find that they can make use of an otherwise impractical degree by becoming a lawyer. I was one of those people.

However, my undergraduate GPA did not exactly…

Complacency is the problem.

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Though the Covid Delta Variant is causing a bit of a stir, I have to admit that it has not been difficult for me to return to “normal” in the least. In large part, that speaks to the fact that I am extremely lucky given the almost nonexistent, negative, medical impact that Covid had on my own health or that of anyone close to me. And though I do count my blessings, it is unfortunate that proximity seems to affect human compassion as much as any other factor, and I am human. I feel that I did a decent job…

Even the worst addiction can be overcome.

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No recovery from drugs and alcohol is equal. Therefore, I can only speak for myself and from my own experience, meaning that — in this essay — I will try my absolute best not to assume that any actions, methods or treatments that worked for or failed me can be universally applied to help others. I find such thinking extremely short-sited, presumptuous and arrogant — that a person or organization would assume that their successful treatment or unique experiences could somehow automatically set a standard for everyone to successfully follow.

Such thinking has failed me personally, having been force fed…

J. Cole’s new album, “The Offseason,” taps into the universal human condition of transformation and change.

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With the release of J. Cole’s 6th studio album “The Offseason” this past Friday, I think it is timely to take a look at one of the songs that appears on that album, “The Climb Back.” This song, in particular, is especially appropriate given the subject matter and the timing of the release. It offers insight into the album as a whole and into J. Cole’s current perspective on self-discovery and societal woes. …

Many restaurants miscalculated the value of their employees, and it has come back to bite them.

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Hourly and lower-tiered salaried workers in the restaurant industry find themselves in an unfamiliar position because of the Covid-19 pandemic — one of increasing power. As with many or most things in business, it comes down to simple supply and demand: There are just not enough workers to fill all of the available positions. Therefore, workers can now be more selective of their place of employment and demand better treatment from their employers as their perceived value rises.

Anyone who has worked in the restaurant industry, as I have, can tell you that turnover is astronomical. Management often treats the…

Joshua Gane

Josh writes for RapTV. He has a BA in philosophy from UNC and a MA in English from NC State.

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